a week ago today (SXSW Day 3)

This is the summary of our final day in Austin and it shouldn’t take long because we didn’t see a whole lot of music that day!  I guess you could say we were sorta music-ed out by this point in our trip.  We aimlessly walked up and down the streets of downtown once we realized our last attempt to see Grouplove had failed again, because the line to their last show was just too insanely long.

But after noticing a flyer, (yeah, I guess some people do actually look at those things) we decided to head on over to the Brooklyn Vegan day party.  We didn’t have too high of hopes, but as soon as we walked in the venue, we were both like “this is the coolest place we’ve been yet.”  It had these amazing chairs and everything was white for the most part.  We were able to sit and rest our feet and catch a couple acts, one of which was Oh Land.  (one of the ones on our list thanks to Lynda!!).  They were really cool and the smaller crowd of maybe 100-150 were all excited and peaceful and made for a really good place to see a band.  It was also here where I got suckered in to buying a $10 vegan doughnut.  I thought I was supporting shelter puppies, but little did I know what they were about until the money had already changed hands!

We then made another long walk in the direction of Waterloo Records, making a late lunch stop at Hut’s Hamburgers and getting some ice cream at Amy’s (they have the most friendly workers of any place in the world I think).  We picked up 6 of the cds we were wanting and chatted with a couple of The Lonely Forest boys and decided to just head over to the Convention Center to see their last SXSW show.

It was a nice little show.  It didn’t have as much emotion and feeling as their first SXSW show we saw, but that wasn’t as much the band’s fault as it was the setting.  We were all sitting down in this nice air-conditioned room!  However, I definitely didn’t have a problem with the environment because I was beyond worn out by this point.

We still needed to kill a few hours before the night show we were wanting to see, and as we walked past a P.F. Changs we thought what better place to do it than there!!  We were just gonna get something to drink, but that soon turned in to splitting dinner, which led to dessert consisting of banana spring rolls.  (NOTE: I’ll always be up for anything combining ice cream and hot bananas!)

We left P.F. Changs and headed to Emo’s Jr. to finish off our time at SXSW with Family of the Year and Jonquil playing back to back.  You might think you don’t know Family of the Year, but I bet you’ve heard their song on the current Advil commercial.  The sound for both acts at this show wasn’t that great.  You couldn’t really hear the vocals, but I don’t know…. there’s just something about both of these bands.  Family of the Year has this real fun, folksy sound, while Jonquil has this real smart happy sound that they’ve brought to us all the way from England!

We tried to find a restaurant or bar to watch the end of a March Madness game, but nothing worked out, so there we were randomly walking up and down the same couple blocks while the wind just kept howling.  It was over.  We headed for our car, this time remembering where the parking garage was, but forgetting what level!  After a few intense minutes we found it then hit the road.

We just slept at a rest stop off the interstate, then went to IHOP before we made our way to the airport for our early 6:00 flight.  By this point we were just 2 tired kids ready to let the lull of the airplane’s hum take us back home.

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