L’Altra Releases New Album & Video

Today we’ll introduce you to a great band hailing form Chicago called L’Altra.  A band that will actually have a song featured on the next Littlest Sounds comp for April.  But just in case you can’t wait 2 days to hear what they sound like, or you just love things audio/visual check out their new video for the track ‘Nothing Can Tear It Apart‘.  It’s got this great vibe, beautiful landscapes, bow and arrows, statues, and large oceans.  It uses recycled footage from Jean-Luc Godard’s 1963 film ‘Contempt’ – a perfect fit for the song as it follows the fracturing of a couple’s romantic relationship and parallels the story of Odysseus and Helen of Troy.
Here is a little bit more about the band…….
Hot off the heels from a busy stint at this year’s SXSW festival, Chicago’s L’Altra are very excited to announce the release of their newest offering ‘Telepathic’ through Japanese boutique label Acuarela Discos.
The album’s lush, orchestral soundscapes take the listener on an emotional journey. Drenched in Wurlitzer and droning guitars, L’Altra’s music takes a refreshing twist on indie pop featuring a gentle wash of hushed riffs, rolling piano, subtle electronics, measured rhythms, synths and strings. With nods to acts like Blonde Redhead and Pinback, this is the perfect record to spin as the seasons turn, with Spring on the horizon and chilly Winter evenings warm and brighten.

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