Get Your April Comp Now!!

After getting an incredibly warm reception from our debut compilation of music, we’re back with some more free music for you…. after all it is a new month!!

First off I wanna say thanks to all the really cool bands and press/label folk who were such a help getting the project off the ground.  It means so much.  We had a lot of incredible bands last month and nothing has changed this month as we feature a lot of the great acts we saw at SXSW and some others that you simply must find out about now!

Also thanks to some new and old friends like Lynda, Laura, and Chris for offering up such fine musical suggestions like a bunch of champs.  (P.S. – We’re always looking for new bands, so don’t hesitate to recommend any friends/bands/whoever you think might fit right in with what we’re doing!)  Lastly, the biggest of thanks to William Haun, without whom there would be no amazing photos or comp album covers.  He takes care of everything technical and wonderful in the Littlest Sounds camp.

So we hope you like the songs we’ve selected, tell all your closest friends about it, and most importantly, support the bands by buying their music and/or try to catch them live at a show.  Happy listening.

Here’s who we got this month for you…….

1. Sky Mother – Adam & Naive

2. Animals – The Answering Machine

3. Crime Pays – Bear Hands

4. Understand at All – Cloud Nothings

5. Beagle Personality – Cow Parade Cow

6. Ram Ram – The Deer Tracks

7. At Last – The Dø

8. Cheap Umbrellas – The Golden Dogs

9. Alibi – Heidi Spencer & The Rare Birds

10. Live in Dreams (Wild Nothing Cover) – High Highs

11. Oscar Enzina – Jet Horns

12. Winter Loves Summer Sun – L’Altra

13. Devils Hearts – La Sera

14. We Sing In Time – The Lonely Forest

15. The Limited Abilities of Man – The Lovely Few

16. Too Beautiful to Work – The Luyas

17. Sunburnt and Blown – Memory Map

18. Other Side – Midnight Ghost

19. Sea Monster – Mire Kay

20. Happy 81 – Modern Skirts

21. Side by Side – NanosauR

22. The Ringing In (The Sun is Rung) – Nihiti

23. 06:00 am Mr. Carousel – Noiserv

24. Fun Funeral – Oryx & Crake

25. Ungirthed – Purity Ring

26. Dots On Maps – Say Hi

27. Kokoro – Slothpop

28. Leef I Yaw Eht – Sutja Gutiérrez

29. Starlight – Walter Meego

30. Whale – Yellow Ostrich

3 Responses to “Get Your April Comp Now!!”
  1. Excited to listen to the new compilation! This is such a great project and idea!

  2. Chris Bracco says:

    Thanks for the shout out, dude. I loved your last comp, I’m sure I’ll love this one too!

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