May Flowers and 31 New Songs

Hopefully we’ve all endured April’s showers and are excited about what is waiting for us this next month…. like longer days, warmer temperatures, no classes, and everything coming alive with color just to name a few.  This Littlest Sounds comp for May is probably my favorite one yet, so I really hope you enjoy all the bands and artists that have offered you their songs for free.

Please tell your friends all about the Littlest Sounds you hear and sign up for our mailing list and definitely join the daily party of sometime-slightly-funny tweets that come from our twitter quite often.  Happy new month to you all and happy listening.  Here’s who we got…..

1. Kiko (103 Words) – Absofacto & 10k Cities
2. Sister Wife – Alex Winston
3. Don’t Tell Me (Madonna Cover) – Beat Radio
4. Her New Touch – The Bird Day
5. Listen Heartbeat – Cassis Orange
6. Morning Thought – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
7. Easter Island – The Eclectic Moniker
8. Vrgn Evl – El Obo
9. Light Polluted Constellations – The Fatty Acids
10. Take Me Home – Germany Germany
11. You – Gold Panda
12. Monuments – Hurt Valley
13. Really Realize – Lab Coast
14. Secret Sayings – A Little Nothing
15. Blackeye – Love Inks
16. The World Shakes – Lyke Giants
17. Lighthouse – NewVillager
18. Harvest Moon – Pepper Rabbit
19. White Walls Painted Black – Plastic Flowers
20. Icarus (featuring unouomedude) – Police Academy 6
21. The Park – Secret Cities
22. I Can’t Find You – SolarSolar
23. Birds – The Submarines
24. Oh, Naoko – Sun Airway
25. Whale (featuring Yellow Ostrich) – Theo Martins
26. We Were Wild – Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun
27. Island Summer – unouomedude
28. Trapped – We All Have Hooks For Hands
29. Old In Florida – You Can Be A Wesley
30. Colors – ΔIR LINΞS
31. Riding Coach – 1,2,3

4 Responses to “May Flowers and 31 New Songs”
  1. anna says:

    Oh man I love these compilations you are the best.

  2. joel says:


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