Summer has a lot to offer & it starts with June

What does June hold for Littlest Sounds?  Well, it’s starting to look like quite a lot.  For starters, we have another crazy-amazing compilation of new tunes filled with 30 dynamic songs from a lot of really great bands.

Also, the first ever Littlest Sounds Tour is getting ready to take it to the road for a couple weeks (June 4-16).  Big White Clouds, Commerce, and Amory Sivertson are heading out with their sounds and we’re super excited to be a part of it all.  They’ll be anywhere and everywhere from Buffalo, NY to Macon, GA and many towns in between.  Be sure to check out the dates and try to support them as they make their way to a city near you.  Also you can visit our twitter for real-time updates of their adventures!!

Now on to the songs….

1. Beginning of the End – Amory Sivertson
2. Bed Wetters – Big White Clouds
3. Black Box feat. Fille Catatonique – Cities Aviv
4. Missing Parts – Commerce
5. Watermelon Medina – Cow Parade Cow
6. Beach City / Carol I Know – Dream Cop
7. Nirvana, by Kurt Cobain – Drew Danburry
8. We Will Never Have This Night Again – Dudes Die
9. Smile, It Makes This Easier – Fire is Motion
10. Don’t Send the Searchlights – Gold Motel
11. Lester – Golden Dogs
12. You Tell Me – Gross Ghost
13. Open Season – High Highs
14. King Graves Rd – Kissing Party
15. Never Come Around – La Sera
16. I Didn’t Want To Make Out – Long Walks On The Beach
17. Submarines – The Lumineers
18. For What It’s Worth – Maggie Eckford
19. Protection Clause – Memory Map
20. Burnside – Micol Cazzell
21. From Finner – Of Monsters and Men
22. Just Some Gypsy – Plainclothes Tracy
23. Constance – The Restoration
24. Phantom Power – Seabright
25. Verb Noun – The Seedy Seeds
26. Devil Moon – Slow Runner
27. Peacock Dance – The Smooth Maria
28. Jacob – Valley Maker
29. Rad Racer – Work Drugs
30. Navigator Island – Young Liars

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