Brooklyn – Littlest Sounds Tour (Day 1)

…. a long trip to travel and in the transit we all get lost.

It was a really late Friday night, so much so that it was actually super early Saturday morning when Commerce hit the road on their first tour and made their way from TN to Brooklyn, NY in a Honda Civic.  What you’re about to read over the next few paragraphs and days are the travels as documented by them.

We were heading to meet our friends from Boston that go by the name Big White Clouds and Amory Sivertson.  We met them via twitter, so could we actually coexist on the same tour?  We’ll soon find out.

It was such a long drive, filled with a lot of tiny naps, one Waffle House stop, and countless conversations about what was getting ready to happen to us.  All of a sudden (sorta) we’re at the Holland Tunnel and we know we’re close.

We got some New York pizza pie for lunch at The Original Johns’ of Bleecker St. and walked around Greenwich Village a little before we thought we’d bounce toward the club.  Get to the car and it won’t crank.  We’ve been in the “big city” for not even 2 hours and someone has murdered our car battery.  (Actually our lights were just left on because of all the dang tunnels!)  But we found someone to loan us/trust us with a self-charging battery and we soon got rolling again.

Drove to Brooklyn, stole some sleep in the car, had an accident in a Brooklyn coffee shop involving restrooms, no toilet paper, and poor management.  Got to the club, where there are hundreds of people just hanging out, eating, drinking, whatever.  Turns out they showed us the wrong spot where we would be playing.  They took us behind a curtain and a closed door down to the cold, wet basement. It smelled exotic.  Not pretty exotic, but toxic exotic.  But we were tired and really didn’t mind.

Our new friends rolled up shortly thereafter and we made acquaintances with them, loaded in, played a jumbled set, and went our separate ways for the night.  They went to a hip roof party. We went to the best BBQ in Brooklyn at Fette Sau.  Stayed with some friends, slept well, had brunch in the morning, then got the heck out of the “big city” after our run-in with the NYPD concerning zebra stripes and checkpoints.  I’m starting to think Josh Branham is right when he says “Big Cities, Big Problems.”

Below are 2 pictures.  One is evil and one is good.  See if you can figure out which is which.  More trials and tribulations and travels coming tomorrow as we make our way to Philadelphia.


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