Philadelphia – Littlest Sounds Tour (Day 2)

What could be better than New York City?

I was so excited to be heading out of New York and into Philadelphia.  I wanted to see the town, play some music, eat some cheesesteak, and have some good times in the greatest football town in America. GO EAGLES!!

But for the longest time I thought we were never gonna get out of New York.  First the NYPD had their way with us Southerners, then the traffic just wouldn’t let up, and just when we thought we were on our way, a toll trap got us again and there we were heading back in the direction of the Statue of Liberty!  It was never-ending, but fast-forward a couple hours and we were nearing the City of Brotherly Love.

We arrived at the venue pretty early, so we headed to the famous Johnny Brendas to kill some time.  After a few hours, we were loading in and getting set up.  We played an even worse show than the night before in Brooklyn.  Nothing was working.  At one point the soundguy leans in and asks Josh, “Are you guys still playing?”  That’s about how the set felt though.  Disaster.  The only redeeming thing about the night was seeing the soundguy dance to Jackson 5 or listening to him talk about The Allman Brothers.  Both were terribly inspiring and passionate.

Our tourmates high-tailed it out of there and left us to another night of “Big City, Big Problems”.  We went for a cheesesteak at the famous Geno’s Steaks (I mean if it’s good enough for Nic Cage, it’s good enough for us!)  While eating we saw Joey Fatone of N*Sync fame and got an awkward invite from 2 insane dudes to drive a couple hours to crash with them in Arlington.  We declined and proceeded to spend the next 5 hours attempting to sleep in the Honda.It was not a great night, but we woke up before 6, mainly our of discomfort, and made our way downtown.  We sped through all the historic sites, while trying to get Josh Branham feeling better after a restless night.  Again, we had to get out of the big city.  Only this time we had to get to a Guitar Center.

2 Responses to “Philadelphia – Littlest Sounds Tour (Day 2)”
  1. TheBeat says:

    Jeez. Next time you guys are in Philly….contact me before tryin’ to sleep in a Honda!

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