DC meets Blacksburg – Littlest Sounds Tour (Days 3/4)

After a couple awful shows we needed practice and that’s exactly what we got at some random Guitar Center in Maryland.  We rolled into DC on little to no sleep, but were ready to right the ship and turn things around.  There was more of a house show planned for DC, so we weren’t expecting a lot, but this show did not disappoint.  There were probably 25 or so people in this small living room and we proceeded to have the funnest/best show of the tour.  It was a blast and I’d say that night is the fateful night that our friendships were sealed with those Big White Clouds.

After a night of pizza and laughs and Claritin, we spent the next morning taking in the DC museums and exhibits, before making the 4 hour drive to Blacksburg, and really starting to introduce these Northerners to the South.  They were not ready for what was about to happen.

The Blacksburg show was insane, but still fun.  It was a terrible show, but I guess it had to happen to keep the balance of tour in check since we were following such fun times in DC.  There’s not much to say about the Blacksburg show that can’t be summed up with the following picture….

We decided to hit the road that night and make it to God’s country of Johnson City, TN as soon as possible.We were now in the heart of the South, which could mean only one thing….. our adventures had just begun.

Until later, I’ll leave you with 2 really cute pictures.  One is the cutest storefront ever, the other is one of the cutest bands ever.

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