Southeastern Portion (Part 1 of 2)

I think we all died somewhere between Blacksburg and Johnson City, but we came out better on the other side.

The next few shows we’re definitely loads of fun for the Littlest Sounds crew as we got to play a home show in Johnson City with our new Boston buds and got to see a lot of old friends again.  I mean, after all, we had been out on the road for like 4 days at this point!  We played a full band set with Josh and Ethan joining the festivities.  It all made for interesting sounds.  Anyways, the next day we really just relaxed around my house, and occasionally Toby and I would sneak off to try and get caught up on a little computer work.

But it was time to hit the road again and now we were heading over the mountain to get that warm Wintergreen Skoal air of South Carolina in our bloodstream.  But as was the case in Maryland, we needed to practice.  So we stopped at a rest area to have a Coca-Cola picnic with just our instruments, the great outdoors, and a couple lukewarm Cokes.  (We love making memories you guys.)

That night we played a show that SceneSC was kind enough to help us out with and had a lot of fun both at the show and later that night as we hung out till the morning light with our newest friend Bakari Lebby.  (He does amazing photography and is a great musician to boot!  Look for him on a comp in the near future.)

It was now Friday morning and Commerce still had 3 more shows left on the Littlest Sounds Tour, but Josh and I both felt terrible.  And it should be mentioned that at this point we both had mustaches.  We needed to get to Atlanta, because well, Atlanta is where the players play.  And we did, in fact, have a show to play that night.


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