August comes a day late!

July was an insanely busy month.  Between spending almost 3/4 of it outside of the United States (visiting London and Kenya for the first time ever!) and playing a couple of shows with my band, Commerce, I barely had time to enjoy the July mix myself.  But I hope you had a chance to download it and let it be the soundtrack to part of your summer.

The month of August promises a lot of things.

1. There will be a lot more updates on Littlest Sounds.

2. Football is almost here.  There’s a good chance we’ll talk a lot about the NFL and a great chance we’ll talk about the Philadelphia Eagles.

3. The August mix is amazing.  Here’s the artists that are ready to wrap up your summer with a bow.

1. Carolina – Adam & Naive
2. Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix) – Alex Winston
3. City We Made – Amy Godwin
4. Robert Cormier or Haruki Murakami (1997) – Apache, The
5. Sighs – Asobi Seksu
6. Sleepyhead (Passion Pit Cover) – Bakari Lebby
7. Everything Follows – Beat Radio
8. Beach Song 2 – Big White Clouds
9. I Live In Your Ghost – Denison Witmer
10. Hoop Of Love – Dominant Legs
11. Empty Carz – El Cantador
12. Funny Morning – Fellow Follower
13. Nothing A Little Tonic and Combing Can’t Fix – Long Long Long
14. Breaking The Night – Lyke Giants
15. No Names – Mutual Benefit
16. Hunters – Nash Smith & Ganges
17. Tamer Animals – Other Lives
18. All Of Us – Painted Palms
19. Seeking the Sea King – Pan
20. Little Bit – Pandr Eyez
21. Even Tides – Paul Brazell
22. Simple Mechanics – Quiet Lights
23. Beast Coast – Saskatchewan
24. Boyfriends – Secret Cities
25. Celebrate – Sewing Machines
26. Dearly Departed – St. Dominic
27. Death as a Fetish – Strfckr
28. Please Stay – Summer Heart
29. Put the Days Away – Sun Airway
30. Parks – The Ugly Club
31. Comin’ Through – The War On Drugs

Hope you enjoy.  And as always, thanks for listening and for supporting.  Don’t hesitate to tell your friends about all the free music and join the conversation with us on twitter here.

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