New Songs in Place of Old Sweaters

Let September begin and all sorts of wonderful Fall goodness enter our hearts and souls.

As always, I try to seek out new bands for our playlists, but over the course of last month I stumbled upon a couple of amazing blogs that have provided a lot of influence in this and, I’m sure many playlists to come.  Jill at See Them Play and Danielle at Dance Yrself Clean have a wonderfully amazing ear and I’m pretty much guaranteed to like whatever it is they choose to cover.  In addition to having great musical tastes, they are equally just as sweet on twitter and email.  I suggest you add them to your continual source for all things related to new music!

Speaking of new music… here’s 30 new songs to blast at your upcoming tailgate parties.  You do know football season is upon us, right?  Go Philly!  Go Eagles!  And as always, thanks for listening.

1. July – Boy Party
2. Fast Challenges – Chad Valley
3. House Of Fame – Climbers
4. When You Were Young (The Killers Cover) – Commerce
5. Morning Son – Country Mice
6. Hollowed Out – Cut Off Your Hands
7. Battles – Dudes Die
8. Perfect – Fort Lean
9. Franklin Ave – Francisco The Man
10. Never Get It Back – Glowbug
11. Anything At All – Hey Champ
12. No Love – Hooray For Earth
13. Stuck On A Highway Island – Jane Jane Pollock
14. Fighting Smiles – Jonquil
15. Liar – Just An Animal
16. Bicycle Spokes – Kid Icarus
17. Teenage Tide – Letting Up Despite Great Faults
18. A Thousand Times – Old Hundred
19. Chronological Order – Point Juncture, WA
20. Headlight – Raenbow Station
21. Rich Blood – Spanish Prisoners
22. Fast Money From Slow Horses – This Old Ghost
23. Hummingbirds – Vermilion Club
24. Games – We All Have Hooks For Hands
25. Gone So Long – Wet Paint
26. Eviction – Whalers
27. The Overture – Wintercoats
28. Three Car Garage – You Won’t
29. Only We Can Keep You From Harm – Young Buffalo
30. Neon Moon – ΔIR LINΞS

P.S. – You want to stay in the loop and connect with us on Twitter, because starting brand new this month we’ll be doing giveaways and also release a short (under 140 characters) summary of each and every song daily.  One featured song every day!  And you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get free things delivered directly to your door!!

One Response to “New Songs in Place of Old Sweaters”
  1. Derbb says:

    Track 20 is pretty great! Have to check out these “raenbow station” dudes..

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