Death Cab for Cutie Debut New Video & EP??

I’ve been putting this off for some time now.  Anyways, here are my final thoughts on Death Cab for Cutie’s Codes and Keys.  Only saying so now since they released a new video this week for the track “Stay Young, Go Dancing”.

So without further delay….. I definitely feel that the back half of the album is stronger than the first, but I have a much better ending in my head.

What if they had just released an EP of 6 songs in the following order…..

1. Codes and Keys

2. You are a Tourist

3. Monday Morning

4. Underneath the Sycamore

5. St. Peter’s Cathedral

6. Stay Young, Go Dancing

Don’t get me wrong, I have given the songs that I didn’t particularly latch on to plenty of chances.  But if they had released this small collection of songs it would have easily been the best EP ever.  No question.  Whereas now, it’s an okay album with a lot of really fine songs, but a lot of them simply do nothing for me.  That said, I’ll still be supporting them for years to come, until they give me a much better reason not to.

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