October…new music for my birthday!

Yes, it is true.  I was born in October.  October 20th to be exact.  But it’s also true that this month’s artists and bands are some of my favorites from along the way and a lot of really new folks too!

Keep encouraging all the artists both online, at shows, and who knows, maybe you could even purchase some of the tunes of the ones you really love!  I know it can get somewhat discouraging at times, so whenever someone says something nice it can really go a long way.

Also be on the lookout for actual video interviews popping up here on our site this next month, plus lots of random giveaways happening filled with free shirts, CD’s, and vinyl!  And one last thing… be sure and tweet it up with us/me here in the meantime….like right now actually.  I’m literally tweeting something as you read this!

Now….. on to the songs!!!!!!!!

Yesterday’s Parties – Alligator Indian
Hazel – The Answer Page
Blinds With You – Arrange
Highway – Cow Parade Cow
Definite Darkness – Cymbals Eat Guitars
Chinatown – Destroyer
Mrs Winchester – Dog Ears
Where We Trip The Light – Dominant Legs
Ghost Coast – Elonzo
Phylicia – For All The Girls
UPUPUP (CSS Remix) – Givers
Movie’s Over – The Golden Dogs
Losing It – Happy Trendy
Horses – High Highs
TRUE LOVE or bust – Long Walks On The Beach
More Than Muscle – Luke Temple
Holmes Sweet Holmes – Man Made Sea
Evil Tina – Markarians
Opium – The New Division
Massachusetts – Old Hundred
Music (Dance With Me) – Protocol Afro
Comets – Rapids!
Skinny Dipping – SASKATCHEWAN
Weepy Little Fingers – Secret Mountains
I Would Die To Be – Ski Lodge
Slow Sound – Strange Shapes
Give Love A Try – SUNBEARS!
River Valley – Treegnomes
Constellation – Waterstrider
On Waves – Yanqui
Television – You Won’t

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