Turkeys for November

All sorts of cold weather is certain to be upon us, if not already, and this month we have only 3 repeat bands from previous L.S. compilations (Absofacto, Strange Shapes, & Summer Heart….all of which I can’t get enough of).  But then there are 27 other newcomers to the party and they simply won’t let up.  This promises to be the best mix yet.  It’s been one of the most fun to compile and I hope it’s one of the most fun to listen to.  And who knows, if you like it, you just might tell a friend or two about it/us!  – Matt

Here’s who we got on the slate to help usher in the start of many warm holidays……

1. Curages Curl – A.M.E.
2. Feathers (Don’t Change on Me) – Absofacto
3. This Moment In Time – Adam Taylor Young
4. Basement Stars – Arctic Death
5. Alabaster Bodyworlds – Born Gold
6. Indian Summer (Des Moines) – Canon Blue
7. New Daze – Cheerleader
8. Finger Trap – Chen and the Hoax
9. Love Is A Building On Fire – Common Prayer
10. Girl Don’t Know – The Daylight Braves
11. City Slicker – De La Montaña
12. Late Night Gymnopaedia – Dream Panther
13. Weathermen – Finding Fiction
14. Viral Infection – Fruit Flesh
15. Balance – Future Islands
16. In Comforting – German Error Message
17. Yr Shade – Ghibli
18. Little Sister – Grand Hallway
19. Black Cat Balloons – Her Space Holiday
20. Constellating – James & Evander
21. Rock It – Little Red
22. Big Broom – Races
23. Pride – Real Fur
24. Track Changes – Shy Mirrors
25. Mild Doubt – Strange Shapes
26. My Forever Smile – Summer Heart
27. Benny and the Jetts – TV Girl
28. Bad Street – Twin Sister
29. Nosferatu – Wise Blood
30. Gorbachev – 41st and Home

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