Favorite Video of 2011 has “Expensive Looks”??

Like pulling back the drapes in a dingy room on a sunny day.” Stereogum

When I clicked on one of just many daily press releases, I did not expect to come across such loveliness that was awaiting me.  The video adds a non-relenting visual that accompanies this genius song perfectly.  Have a look for yourself.

Expensive Looks debut LP titled Dark Matters is native New Yorker Alec Feld’s debut.  It is a dance record with the sort of scrappy, open heartset that draws from all genres without border, pulling everything into one warped but pointed mass. “Dark Matters comes into play as confusion and constant bipolar shifts all for the pursuit of happiness,” Feld says. “I kill for euphoria and use it as a venue to get that polar-shifting depressive state across. This isn’t about me not being happy, it’s more about my frustration with the pursuit of happiness. I’m also kind of a space nut. There is little logic behind what Dark Matters is and how it works.”

It is set for Jan. 17, 2012 release on Group Tightener.

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