Featured Band: Finding Fiction

It’s the middle of the week so we’re looking to Brooklyn, New York to find some pretty incredible indie pop sounds to giveaway!

I don’t know a whole lot about the inner workings of Finding Fiction, but from their “Try This At Home” EP I’m very excited to both keep hearing from them now and well into the future.  The landscape of sounds created on this EP are quite dynamic and are filled with vocal harmonies, hand claps, and keyboards everywhere in-between.

Each song clocks in at over 5 minutes, but I never get tired of what is happening.  These guys are constantly moving each song in a direction, that while it might not take the listener where they expected to end up, they are happy all the same once they have arrived.

Just comment below or retweet for your chance to win this nice Finding Fiction prize pack that includes their “Try This At Home” EP plus sticker & button.  5 winners will be selected, so your chances of winning have never been higher!  Have a quick listen….ok?

Migraines And Sheep


2 Responses to “Featured Band: Finding Fiction”
  1. Salvatore says:

    This is some really good music, “Panic Rooms” really resonates with me.

  2. @Ilua_Shorin says:

    Like it!

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