It’s a Leap Year, Baby!

There are good things and bad things about 2012 so far.  Bad….both comps have not been punctual, and for that I’m sorry.  Good….the songs that have comprised these tardy mixes have been some of my favorites yet.  So please keep listening and supporting the artists that are kind enough to include their music on our monthly mixes.

And if you have any suggestions for how to make our site better or for who you’d like to see/hear on any of the upcoming mixes please send your ideas to

Now let’s get our speakers blasting……

1. Shimmer – The Answer Page
2. Sun Showers – Arrange
3. Dreaming Wide Awake – Beat Radio
4. Neighbor Crimes – Capybara
5. Do What You Want – Cheerleader
6. There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight – Cloud Control
7. Top Of The Hill – Conduits
8. Foreword – Conveyor
9. The Sun and Moon – Cursive
10. You Don’t Even Know Where It’s At – Evan Voytas
11. Mommy’s Dreaming – Graham Repulski
12. Spectacular Violence – Heywood
13. This Head Aches – A HOME. A HEART. WHATEVER.
14. Mexico – Jonquil
15. They Don’t Know You (Like I Know You) – The Library Is On Fire
16. February – Little Red
17. Literally Crazy For You – Long Walks On The Beach
18. Auburn Epitaphs – Mutual Benefit
19. Stay With Me – NO
20. Something or Nothing – Pale Seas
21. Moonlight – The Pipers
22. Killer – PreTeen
23. Hold On To The Metal – Royal Canoe
24. The White of Noon – Strfckr
25. All My Life – Warm Weather
26. Nowhere (featuring Twin Sister) – Wild Nothing
27. These Streets of Ours – Williamsburg
28. Settle Down – Yalls
29. Marathon Runner – Yellow Ostrich

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