March-ing Onward!

The weather is getting slightly warmer, while the days are getting a little longer with each passing one, and that can only mean one thing……. March is here and so is a new crop of songs.

This marks the 1 year anniversary of Littlest Sounds!  It’s been a very good year, I think.  I really hope you’ve enjoyed the collection of songs that have been presented through this platform.  I hope I can continue to keep it up, but I guess that all depends on the artists being so cool about it and, more importantly, you guys….the listeners…..being so supportive to keep listening and telling your friends about what is happening here!

Hugs, not drugs, – Matt!

P.S. – 1 year in and we’re nowhere close to slowing down.

MARCH 2012 (VOL.2 – ISS.3)

1. Lies – Absofacto
2. Brief Confessions of a Young Bear – Aeroplane Pageant
3. One Whole Year – Bombadil
4. Get Up – Carousel
5. Connect Me – Christopher Norman
6. Mukraker – Conveyor
7. Museum of Flight – Damien Jurado
8. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Whitney Houston Cover) – Drew Danburry
9. In Cold Blood – Dudes Die
10. Die in the Summertime (R.J.E.) – Elvis Depressedly
11. Sunsick – Fort Lean
12. Cassettes – Inkships
13. Errol Flynn – Jinja Safari
14. Letter in Icelandic from the Ninette San – John K. Samson
15. Blue Skies – Let’s Say We Did
16. Take My Hand – A Little Affair
17. Hemlock – Loose Talk Costs Lives
18. 2AM – Marble Hill
19. 1966 – Moon Tides
20. Twenty Miles to NH Part 2 (The Philistines Jr. Cover) – The National
21. Lays At Rest – The Orwells
22. Left Hand Blues – PreTeen
23. Gestures & Patterns – Run Dan Run
24. He Doesn’t Know Why (Fleet Foxes Cover) – Silver Swans
25. Purple Blue – Songs For Walter
26. Downtown Chicagoland (guitar arp) – Spanish Prisoners
27. How Will I Copulate? (Moranis Mashup feat. Whitney Houston) – Star Slinger
28. Safe on the Outside – Telegraph Canyon
29. Origins – Tennis
30. Hope We Survive – The Ugly Club
31. Wilderness Eyes – 41st and Home

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