Favorite Video of 2011 has “Expensive Looks”??

“Like pulling back the drapes in a dingy room on a sunny day.” – Stereogum When I clicked on one of just many daily press releases, I did not expect to come across such loveliness that was awaiting me.  The video adds a non-relenting visual that accompanies this genius song perfectly.  Have a look for … Continue reading

Death Cab for Cutie Debut New Video & EP??

I’ve been putting this off for some time now.  Anyways, here are my final thoughts on Death Cab for Cutie’s Codes and Keys.  Only saying so now since they released a new video this week for the track “Stay Young, Go Dancing”. So without further delay….. I definitely feel that the back half of the … Continue reading

Beirut – Friday Video Day!

So Beirut has a new album and a new gorgeous video to go along with it.  Made by Sunset TV.  See what you think.

The most wonderful time of the year?

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  The NFL kicks off tonight with the previous 2 Super Bowl champs squaring off against each other at 8:30 EST.  Who ya got? Green Bay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints We’re gonna start something fun within our Littlest Community.  Every week, we’ll pick a “Game of the … Continue reading

Happy, Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone is having a very nice, long holiday weekend.  Again, I want to apologize for the mix-up with the September Playlist.  We’ve been changing up a couple of things on our site and somehow ended up with August playlist “posing” as September’s. So double-check and make sure you got the right one and have … Continue reading