October…new music for my birthday!

Yes, it is true.  I was born in October.  October 20th to be exact.  But it’s also true that this month’s artists and bands are some of my favorites from along the way and a lot of really new folks too! Keep encouraging all the artists both online, at shows, and who knows, maybe you … Continue reading

Dominant Legs – Friday Video Day!

Feel like instantly falling in love with a new song today? Dominant Legs, an indie-pop group from San Francisco, could be just for you. (they were actually on our Aug. playlist!)  This, their debut video leaves us with a nice way to remember our summer as they drive out of the big city to a … Continue reading

August comes a day late!

July was an insanely busy month.  Between spending almost 3/4 of it outside of the United States (visiting London and Kenya for the first time ever!) and playing a couple of shows with my band, Commerce, I barely had time to enjoy the July mix myself.  But I hope you had a chance to download … Continue reading