New Year/New Tunes

Well, we’re a little late coming to you with some new free music, you know with Christmas/New Years/and my 2 Year Anniversary and all!  But it is here better late than never, and this mix is one banging collection of tunes to start your 2012 off right and proper.  We resolve to keep the good … Continue reading

May Flowers and 31 New Songs

Hopefully we’ve all endured April’s showers and are excited about what is waiting for us this next month…. like longer days, warmer temperatures, no classes, and everything coming alive with color just to name a few.  This Littlest Sounds comp for May is probably my favorite one yet, so I really hope you enjoy all … Continue reading

New Release Tuesday!

Today marks the release of 2 bands that are pretty close to my heart.  One is my band, Commerce, that released an EP titled “It’s Hard To Fight A Trend” (sorta a small tribute in title at least to Pedro the Lion’s “It’s Hard To Find A Friend”).  Our new EP has a couple new … Continue reading

Germany Germany Debut New Video

This is the official video for “Take Me Home”, a track off of Germany Germany’s forthcoming 17-track album “Adventures”.  You must know that I am terribly partial to this wonderful Canadian. Germany Germany is Drew Harris.  Drew Harris is Germany Germany.  What started as an independent project born out of curiosity and experimentation has now … Continue reading

You will hear…

…the following bands on the first Littlest Sounds Comp March/2011 (just click on the link underneath the music player to start your immediate download): 1. Golden Age – Beat Radio 2. Afraid of the Dark – Big White Clouds 3. Space Feeling – The Bird Day 4. Ivory Buttons – Commerce 5. Giant Hands – … Continue reading