12 + 20 + 11 = 43 Songs of Christmas!

It’s a simple math equation really. Dec. is the 12th month of the year 2011. So add 12 to 20 & 11 and you get 43.  Or take 31 days in the month, add it to 12 (Dec.) and you’re back again at the magical number of giving….43.  We simply had to give you guys … Continue reading

New Songs in Place of Old Sweaters

Let September begin and all sorts of wonderful Fall goodness enter our hearts and souls. As always, I try to seek out new bands for our playlists, but over the course of last month I stumbled upon a couple of amazing blogs that have provided a lot of influence in this and, I’m sure many … Continue reading

New Release Tuesday!

Today marks the release of 2 bands that are pretty close to my heart.  One is my band, Commerce, that released an EP titled “It’s Hard To Fight A Trend” (sorta a small tribute in title at least to Pedro the Lion’s “It’s Hard To Find A Friend”).  Our new EP has a couple new … Continue reading