Last Leg, Best Leg – Southeast (Part 2 of 2)

So we only had a couple shows left when we (Commerce) we’re heading further South.  The dates left were Atlanta, Macon, and Knoxville.  I was still feeling Columbia or something and kept feeling worse and worse the closer we got to the Florida state line.  All I wanted was a smoothie. Atlanta was still a … Continue reading

Get Your April Comp Now!!

After getting an incredibly warm reception from our debut compilation of music, we’re back with some more free music for you…. after all it is a new month!! First off I wanna say thanks to all the really cool bands and press/label folk who were such a help getting the project off the ground.  It … Continue reading

Your new favorite band is here.

Today marks the release of the very first Littlest Sounds compilation.  It is now available for your downloading and streaming pleasure, and I’m certain you’ll find something new and exciting on here if you have any kind of good taste in music!  Thanks for listening. Matt P.S. – Please tell your friends about us, like … Continue reading