Last Leg, Best Leg – Southeast (Part 2 of 2)

So we only had a couple shows left when we (Commerce) we’re heading further South.  The dates left were Atlanta, Macon, and Knoxville.  I was still feeling Columbia or something and kept feeling worse and worse the closer we got to the Florida state line.  All I wanted was a smoothie.

Atlanta was still a whole lot of fun, but also one of the strangest shows of the Littlest Sounds Tour.  We basically played in a loft to our friends, Mike and Mark, and Josh’s wife, Hannah.  Good times were had by all and it was off to Macon.  FYI: Super nice folks are affiliated with The Blue Indian and The 567 Gallery.  Even though the crowd was small, they were pretty attentive, which makes for the best kind!  The only thing missing was a certain William Haun. (the genius behind all the comp covers!)

Knoxville was gonna wrap up our days with Amory and Big White Clouds and it was a nice show to end on.  We played upstairs at Preservation Pub, but what I liked the most was just playing our songs out in Market Square before the show.

So how would I sum up the whole experience of my first “tour”?  Easy…..incredible.  The bond formed in just a short amount of time with our “tourmates” was unspeakable.  I couldn’t imagine spending a month straight with them.  I think my heart would simply burst with joy.

The people we met at shows (even the weirdos) and all the places we saw….everything was quite memorable and spectacular.  It was amazing to ride with one of my best buds in Josh Branham and see so many old and new faces.  While I definitely wouldn’t say that this tour helped our “music careers”, I would say that I’d do it all over again with the exact same people and the exact same places.  I’d maybe try a couple things differently in the aspect of how we promoted the shows or the local bands we played with, but all in all….good decision.  I miss everyone already.

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